AUA Summit - Moderated Poster Sessions


Moderated Poster Sessions

Abstract poster presenters will pre-record their presentations and submit** them, along with a poster PDF, through the AUA Conference Harvester. (Please note: The presenting author will need to login using their AUA ID and password. If you do not have an AUA ID, or cannot recall your password, please contact for assistance)

Presentation Upload Deadline: September 7, 2021, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Please note: The above stated date is a hard deadline. Pre-recorded presentations not uploaded to the AUA Conference Harvester by the deadline will not be included on the AUA2021 virtual platform.

For AUA2021’s virtual program, poster presentations can be up to 6 minutes in length. Yes, this is different than the standard in-person presentation time allotment. (Please note: presentation files that exceed 6 minutes in length will not be played in their entirety). Please see “Pre-recorded Presentation Instructions” link under the Speakers tab for tips on how to make a recording of your presentation slides.

Poster presentations will play to the virtual audience at the assigned abstract session time. (Session times from the Las Vegas in-person meeting still apply. All listed presentation times are Pacific Standard Time) Following the session, presentations will then be accessible to the virtual audience on-demand.

Presenting authors are not required to be present during their poster session, as there will not be a designated Q&A time following the abstract’s presentation. However, presenting authors are welcome and encouraged to attend their session and interact with the audience via chat.

Registration to an AUA2021 virtual registration package is a requirement for presentations to be included on the AUA2021 virtual platform.

(If you had previously registered for an in-person AUA2021 registration package, AUA Customer Service is in the process of proactively switching your registration to a corresponding virtual-only package, and you do not need to do anything further. If you have not yet registered for an AUA2021 registration package, please do so at AUA2021 Registration)

** AUA staff are not permitted to receive and upload presentation files on behalf of authors

Virtual Poster Preparation Tips

  • DO indicate the abstract number, title of the presentation and its authors
  • DO use block lettering for other portions of your presentation to add emphasis and easy readability
  • DO use large typescript (using Bulletin type font) if posting a copy of your abstract
  • DO keep illustrative material simple in using charts, graphs, drawings and pictures
  • DO number each piece and put in place sequentially
  • DO make captions brief, levels few and both clear
  • DO make posters as self-explanatory as possible
  • DO NOT be overly ornate or artsy (this distracts from impact of your information)
  • DO NOT consider posters as scientific exhibits (poster sessions consist of presentations that will be more effective using this format)

Some color combinations that provide better contrast are:

  1. Black on yellow
  2. Black on orange
  3. Green on white
  4. Red on white
  5. White on black

A suggested arrangement for easy viewing is illustrated below:

Suggested Poster Arrangement Illustration

If you have questions not answered in the FAQs, please contact