AUA Summit - Hands-on Skills Training Speaker Information


Hands-on Skills Training Speaker Information

Thank you for your participation as Hands-on Skills Training Faculty at the 2021 AUA Annual Meeting.

Listed below are the AUA2021 critical dates for skills training Faculty members.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact We look forward to working with you!

Critical Dates

March 17, 2021
AUA Annual Meeting Registration Opens

May 31, 2021
COI/Disclosure Information Due

June 4, 2021
Course Materials Upload Site Opens

July 16, 2021
Deadline for Skill Training Presentation Submission

  • All submissions should be uploaded to the Course Materials Upload Site.

August 20, 2021
Hands-on Skills Training Materials Available through AUAUniversity to Registered Course Attendees

September 10 – 13, 2021
AUA2021 Annual Meeting

Skills Training Presentation Guidelines

  1. Final PowerPoint slides and/or presentation materials submission deadline is July 16, 2021, to allow time for content review and inclusion in our online course materials for participants.
  2. All materials should be submitted online through the Course Materials Upload Site.
  3. Please follow the Hands-on Skills Training Presentation Guidelines document as you create your presentation.
  4. Course Directors are responsible for providing guidance to Faculty on the direction of their content, to ensure that it supports the course objectives and doesn't overlap other presentation content.
  5. If your presentation for your Hands-on Skills Training has been pre-recorded, and you are acting as a proctor, you may report directly to the Hands-on Skills Training course area.
  6. If you are conducting a presentation onsite, we ask that you go to the Speaker Ready Room in the Sands Expo and Congress Center to review your presentation, at least 24 hours prior to your presentation start time. You may make minor, non-material edits at this time. This would include correcting typos or errors, or changing slide order. No changes can be made following this point.
  7. No changes can be made in the course room. All presentations will be pushed from the Speaker Ready Room.
  8. Please be advised that you are expected to be in attendance for the entire course; no early departures are acceptable unless there are exceptional circumstances with prior AUA approval.

Content Review

  • The AUA is accredited by the ACCME and as CME-accredited educational activities, these programs and all Faculty disclosures are subject to review by the AUA Conflict of Interest Work Group. The group’s mission is to assist the Office of Education in the review of content to ensure the highest quality continuing medical education that is scientifically valid and free of bias or promotion. Your presentation may be chosen for COI Work Group review; if so, you will be notified by AUA Office of Education if any changes are required or any COI amelioration is needed.
  • AUA Office of Education staff also reviews every presentation for compliance with our Skills Training Presentation Guidelines and ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. Pursuant to this review, we may ask you for more information or make non-material, non-clinical changes to your presentation to comply with these requirements.
  • In deference to this content review process, we ask that only minor, non-material changes to your presentation be made in the Speaker Ready Room onsite.