AUA Summit - AUA2021 Virtual Exhibitor FAQs


AUA2021 Virtual Exhibitor FAQs

Which platform will the AUA use for the virtual meeting?
The AUA has partnered with SwapCard to provide an all-new interactive virtual meeting for AUA2021 attendees and exhibitors.

I'm interested in purchasing a Virtual Listing package but will need assistance. Will the AUA provide resources to help build our Virtual Listing?
Yes, Swapcard has provided a step-by-step webinar to provide assistance with building the Virtual Listings. Exhibitors may also contact the AUA Exhibits Team for further assistance.

How soon will the AUA2021 Virtual Listings become published to registered attendees?
The Virtual Listings will be published by September 3rd to all registered attendees. Therefore, we advise all Exhibitors to upload content to the Virtual Listing no later than September 3rd as the content will be published. However, Exhibitors will be able to make live edits until December 2021.

Will we receive complimentary virtual exhibitor badges?
Yes, Virtual Exhibit Listings packages includes complimentary exhibitor badges. The virtual exhibitor badges will grant access to the Virtual Listing and education programs.

How long will the exhibitor listings be accessible to attendees?
The platform is available through December 2021

Will attendees be able to chat with exhibitors during show hours?
Depending on your package, attendees will be able to request meetings and chat with booth staff.  Refer to the prospectus for details.

Will Exhibitors have access to AUA2021 attendees' contact information?
Yes, attendees will be able to "opt-in" to share their first/last name, address and organization

Can we purchase the attendee list?
Yes, the attendee list is available for purchase.

Is there dedicated exhibit hours for staffing?
The AUA2021 Virtual meeting will be held in the PDT time zone. Currently, the program team is working to finalize the overall educational content. However, we do encourage exhibitors to staff the booth in shifts.

What services are refundable? How long will it take to receive our refund?
The AUA will refund exhibitors for contracted in-person exhibit space.If you have purchased and received an AUA2021 attendee list, it is non-refundable. Please reach out to the respective vendors for their cancellation policies. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks to process Exhibit refunds. All refunds will be issued via the original form of payment

My organization has already been confirmed to exhibit at the AUA Annual Meeting and plans to exhibit at the AUA 2022 Annual Meeting. What is the next step?
No action is needed at this time. Someone from the AUA Exhibits team will reach out to you to confirm.

My organization has a sponsorship package for the Annual Meeting. What are our next steps?
Some sponsorships are available to be converted to the AUA2021 Virtual Meeting. However, other sponsorships will not be able to transition to the AUA2021 Virtual Meeting. Please contact Keith Price for additional information.

Will exhibitors be refunded for hotel costs?
If you booked your hotel through our official housing partner, onPeak, your hotel reservation has been cancelled and deposits are being refunded. There is no need for you to directly contact the hotel or onPeak. Refunds should reflect on credit cards within the next 7-10 business days. If you booked your hotel through AUA IGH, please reach out to to process your cancellation. We very much appreciate your patience as we continue to work through the many details.

For exhibitors who booked through any entity other than onPeak, cancellations must be made directly with the hotel/entity and are subject to the policy agreed to at time of booking with the alternate booking platform.

Learn more about AUA2021 Virtual Experience Listing contact Deidre Jefferson, Exhibits Manager, or 410-689-4024.