AUA Summit - General Information FAQs


General Information FAQs

What is included with my booth fee?

  1. Five (5) exhibitor badges per 10 x 10 space
  2. Your booth rental fee includes 8' high back drape and/or 3' high side drape (depending on whether your booth is an in-line or island design)
  3. Listing in the printed program and AUA2021 Mobile App
  4. One (1) ID sign (7" x 44") displaying the name of your company
  5. Floor covering/carpet is mandatory and is not included with your booth

Sample 10 x 10

Sample 10x10 Exhibitor Draped Booth

Everything else, from carpet to furniture to electricity and internet to trash cans, must be ordered from our vendors or shipped to the show site by you. View our list of official contractors.

Are there rules concerning what I can place in my booth?
Yes! In-line, peninsula, island, and booths conducting retail sales have specific design requirements that ensure sight-lines of neighboring booths, and maintain the flow of traffic in the aisles. For complete design requirements for your booth, consult the AUA Exhibitor Rules and Regulations . If you have questions regarding your design, contact Siena Manoogian, Convention Operations Coordinator, at

Do I have to submit a booth design/floor plan for AUA approval?
You must submit a floor plan for approval if:

  • You have an island booth (a booth that opens on all 4 sides, typically measuring at least 20' x 20')
  • You have a peninsula booth (a booth that opens on 3 sides)
  • You are conducting retail sales in your booth
  • You have a multi-level booth

You must submit plan view and elevation view drawings of your booth. Please submit these designs via the Booth Design Approval Form.

Note: Booths of the types indicated above that do not have pre-approved floor plans (designs), will not be allowed to set-up at AUA2021.

Are there any rules regarding giveaways in my booth?
Yes! All gifts, giveaways, and contest items are subject to approval by AUA and, in compliance with the CMSS Code for Interaction with Companies , must be educational in nature. Contests must be open to all attendees.

Please complete the Booth Giveaway Approval Form.

Are there any rules regarding presentation in my booth?
Yes! Booth activities, such as presentations and demonstrations, must also be submitted to AUA for prior approval. The specific rules regarding these presentations are available in the AUA Exhibitor Rules and Regulations .

Speaker presentations are subject to the AUA Speaker Policies, and also prior approval by AUA.

Please complete the Booth Presentation/Activity Approval Form online.

Does the AUA allow Retail Exhibitors at the Annual Meeting?
Eligibility to exhibit at the AUA Annual Meeting is determined solely by the AUA and generally restricted to companies directly related to the urological/medical field. The AUA reserves the right to require information from companies concerning their business at the AUA Annual Meeting and company business history before booth assignment is finalized. Retail sales of exhibitor goods must be requested and approved in writing by the AUA at the time of contract. Any exhibitor not providing the AUA with advance written notice of the intent to conduct Retail Sales at AUA2021 may have their booth closed by AUA Show Management at any time.

How do I obtain a sales tax & vendor license information?

Sales Tax & Vendor License Information
Retail sales exhibitors are responsible for all pertinent business licenses, certificates, sales permits and taxes required by the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. Additional information regarding Nevada sales tax is available online at Illinois Department of Taxation:

How do I arrange housing for myself and my staff?
OnPeak is the official housing service for AUA, and can help you with all of your housing needs.

OnPeak also provides a hotel list and map of AUA hotels. Please note that participating hotels will not honor direct reservations.

For more information and important deadlines visit our housing page.

Is there a shuttle bus to the convention center from my hotel?
WARNING: Contact by any company soliciting as the "official" AUA2021 housing company, offering special non-refundable rates at AUA headquarter hotels, and requesting credit card information should be considered a scam.

Shuttle bus service will not be provided this year. The Venetian and Palazzo is connected to the Sands Expo Center, and all other hotels may use the monorail for a nominal fee.

In-Booth Services/Insurance & Official Vendors

How do I order services for my booth, like furniture, catering, shipping, internet access, etc.?
The Sands Expo as well as GES provides many of these services. Please see the Sands Expo Ordering Guide and the GES Exhibitor Service Kit for detailed information.

Where can I find a list of the AUA2021 Official Vendors?
View a full list of all the official vendors for AUA2021.

How do I order lead retrieval for my booth?
Lead-retrieval services can be ordered online. Early-bird rates are available for those who order in advance. Please note that some services will require nightly charging. View the Lead Retrieval Order Form.

What is "lead retrieval?"
"Lead retrieval" is a service that allows you to collect contact and demographic information electronically from attendees who visit your booth. Many exhibitors find this service valuable, as it allows you to follow up with interested attendees after the show.

AUA exhibitors are offered lead retrieval services through CompuSystems, our registration provider. CompuSystems offers a lead retrieval app that can downloaded right to exhibitors own smart devices or a handheld android device that is equipped with the lead retrieval app to scan attendee badges and capture their information.

Choose from different service packages that include additional services such as a blue-tooth printer, electronic marketing services, delivery and training. Exhibitors receive ComupuSystems' premier post show follow up service, myLeads FREE with every order. myLeads allows you to view and download all your leads in real-time while providing a powerful suite of post-show follow-up services, including printing mailing labels and reports to measure ROI.

How do I ship my booth/materials to the convention center for AUA2021?
You have two options when shipping your materials to the convention center; you may ship in advance to the GES warehouse or ship direct to the convention center. All exhibitors are encourage to ship in advance to the GES warehouse. Shipping in advance to the GES warehouse allows you to confirm your materials have arrived and assures that your materials will be in your booth when you arrive. Please refer to the shipping information in the exhibitor service manual.

GES provides detailed instructions for shipping to AUA2021 in their Exhibitor Service Kit.

What is an "Exhibitor Designated Contractor?"
An Exhibitor Designated Contractor (EDC) is any contractor other than GES Exposition Services, used by an exhibitor for general booth labor. A complete description of the rules and requirements of EDC's is available in the AUA2021 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations .

The primary responsibilities of exhibitors using EDC's are:

  • Exhibitors must notify AUA of their intent to use EDC's. Our online Exhibitor Service Manual contains an interactive form for this purpose.
  • All EDC's are required to provide proof of liability insurance, via a Certificate of Insurance. These certificates are to be sent to Siena Manoogian, Annual Meeting Coordinator.
  • EDC's may not solicit business in the Hall at any time.
  • The EDC must send names of workers in advance of the show to AUA Security to receive installation/dismantling passes allowing access to the exhibit hall.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for conveying information regarding AUA2021 and AUA exhibitor policies and rules to their EDC's.

Submit your EDC information and upload your Certificate of Insurance here.

I don't have exhibit insurance. What do I do?
Low-cost exhibit insurance that meets our insurance requirements is available – visit our insurance provider.

I would like to rent a hospitality suite/meeting space in or near the Sands Expo Center. How do I do this?
AUA can assist you with booking meeting space near the Sands Expo Center & Venetian Meeting Space (meeting space within the Convention Center, aside from the ExpoSuites available in the Science & Technology Hall, is taken entirely by AUA educational programs). You can request meeting space in AUA hotels by completing the Exhibitor Function Space Request Form. Available space runs out very quickly, so be sure to make your request as early as possible.

If you would like hospitality/meeting space on the Science & Technology Hall, consider an ExpoSuites. Contact Deidre Jefferson at for more information.

What is an ExpoSuite?
The AUA ExpoSuites are meeting rooms built on the AUA Science & Technology Hall to enable companies to have a private area for staff to meet, relax or to entertain or meet with healthcare professionals away from the main traffic of the exhibits. Located on the perimeter of the AUA Science & Technology Hall, your ExpoSuite will provide the privacy of a hotel suite without the challenging transportation logistics. Your staff will have access to your ExpoSuite one hour before the Science & Technology Hall opens.

Are exhibitors allowed to hold social functions during the AUA Annual Meeting?
Yes, with certain restrictions. For more information on what exhibitor-sponsored events are permitted at AUA2021, please read the Exhibitor Function Policy in the Rules and Regulations . If you would like to request permission to hold an event, complete the Exhibitor Sponsored Event and Function Space Request Form, which is linked to the Guidelines.

How do I register my booth staff?
Each exhibitor receives five (5) complimentary exhibitor badges for every 100 square feet of booth space rented. It is highly recommended, not to mention convenient and easy, to register your booth staff for their badges online.

If you have any changes to your booth staff as the Annual Meeting approaches, remember that you can make changes online right up until the show date—your time in line at exhibitor registration on site will be greatly reduced if your list of booth staff is accurate and complete by the show date.

When you register your staff, you must choose between two methods of receiving your email confirmation:

  1. You may choose to receive one confirmation for all staff badges, sent to a single contact person of your choosing; or
  2. If you have a booth measuring 200 square feet or smaller, you may also choose to send an individual confirmation to each staff person receiving a badge.

Will my exhibitor badge allow me access to AUA educational courses?
Your exhibitor badge will allow you access, space permitting, to any non-ticketed educational course. If you would like to attend a ticketed course, you must register as an attendee and purchase a course pass. Course passes can be purchased on site at the Exhibitor Registration full-service desk.

How do I pick up my exhibitor badges on site?
When you pick up your exhibitor badges on site, you may choose between two different methods of badge pick-up:

  1. If you are the single contact for your group, and you have received the group confirmation, you may avoid lines at the full-service desk and use our Express Pick-up kiosk. This will allow you to print all of your badges at once, so that you may distribute them to your staff.
    Note: You should only choose this method if you are certain that you will be able to distribute ALL of your badges. If some members of your staff need to pick up their own badges on a "will-call" basis, you should visit the full-service exhibitor registration desk, and only request the badges you can distribute directly.
  2. If each member of your staff has received an individual confirmation, he/she may pick up his/her badge at the full-service exhibitor registration desk. Registrants picking up badges at the full-service desk must present a photo ID and business card.

What are the hours for exhibitor registration on site?

Thursday, September 9

8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Friday, September 10

6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday, September 11

6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday, September 12

6:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

How can I rent an attendee mailing list of registered attendees for AUA2021?
The AUA offers a pre-registration list, which will be available for a limited time leading up to the Annual Meeting. This list contains approximately 6,000 names. We also offer a post-attendance list for 6 months after the meeting.

There is a charge for both of these lists. Lists are single-use, do not contain email addresses, and are available in Excel format. Download the attendee mailing list order form .

Where are the exhibits located at the Sands Expo Center?
The Science & Technology Hall is located in the Sands Expo, halls A, B & C. Registration will be located in Hall C of the Science & Technology Hall. The Sands Expo Center is connected to the Venetian Meeting Space.

When is the Science & Technology Hall open?
View the Science & Technology Hall location and schedule.

What are the food options at the convention center?
The convention center offers a variety of options to grab a quick sandwich or a sit down meal. For-purchase meals will be available throughout the convention center.

What is the dress code during the Annual Meeting?
AUA2021 is a professional environment and exhibitors are expected to dress accordingly.

How do I become a sponsor at AUA2021?
Sponsorship opportunities are available to all confirmed AUA2021 exhibitors. Visit the  sponsorship opportunities and the  Corporate Catalog. Please email for further inquiries.