AUA Summit - Safety Policies


Safety Policies

AUA COVID-19 Safety Policies

The health and safety of our attendees, including registrants, exhibitors, vendor partners, staff, and guests, is our highest priority. The AUA is currently working with The Sands Expo, Venetian Hotel, our Las Vegas hotel partners and Las Vegas health officials to ensure the 2021 AUA Annual Meeting complies with all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended safety guidelines as well as federal, state of Nevada and Clark County guidelines.

An Emergency Action Plan will be established and communicated to attendees prior to the start of the Annual Meeting, in the event you experience COVID-19 symptoms or have a high temperature. As conditions evolve and new information becomes available, changes will be made to our COVID-19 Safety Policies and communicated to attendees prior to the first day of the Annual Meeting.

Your personal commitment to adhering to all safety policies is imperative to the health and wellbeing of others attending AUA2021:

If you are sick, stay home.

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Follow all travel guidelines for your departure destinations and arrival to Las Vegas.

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Masks are mandatory in all areas.

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Practice safe hand hygiene.

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Keep your distance. We require adequate distancing between participants in meeting, exhibit, and dining spaces.

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Follow the signs. Signage will be posted throughout the meeting to help guide your experience.

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Self-monitor and report if you experience any symptoms or exposure.

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AUA, Venetian Hotel and Sands Expo COVID-19 Safety Procedures

The following COVID-19 Safety Procedures will be implemented at AUA2021:

Air Quality

  • Throughout The Venetian Hotel and Sands Expo, the frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning has been increased.
  • The fresh-air intake has been maximized to increase external air flow into the building along with the use of hospital-grade HEPA filters.

Cleaning and Sanitization

  • The Venetian and Sands Expo staff systematically and frequently sanitize “high-touch” surfaces in restrooms, escalators, elevators, and other service areas using EPA-registered disinfectants designed for emerging viral pathogens.
  • Cleaning processes can sanitize and disinfect areas with kill times ranging from 1–10 minutes.
  • Touchless dispensers for hand sanitizing are provided throughout public spaces on property complex.
  • Programs and activities have been scheduled to allow more time for extensive cleaning in between sessions.

Food and Beverage

  • Indoor areas will be designated for socially distanced eating and drinking.
  • Buffet service will be served by hotel staff.
  • Masks will be required when dining when not actively eating or drinking.

Health Rooms

  • A private room will be made available for screening any attendees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If the health room becomes occupied, the space will be thoroughly sanitized and ventilated prior to additional use by an attendee.
  • A separate first-aid room will be available for all other general health-related concerns or injuries.

Safety and Security

  • Security officers will monitor the convention center and hotel properties.
  • All safety and security incidents must be reported to The Venetian Hotel Security department.
  • A team of certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) designated by the Venetian and Sands Expo have medical direction oversight that mirror the Southern Nevada Health District, and COVID specific standard operating procedures to ensure the best practices of local and national health agencies are followed.
  • Additional EMT services will be provided in collaboration with the Venetian and Sands Expo.

Science & Technology Hall

  • Exhibitors will have the option to order enhanced cleaning and disinfection services for their booths through GES.


  • Sands Expo and Venetian Hotel staff will be positioned at every external entrance to the complex providing non-invasive temperature checks upon arrival.
  • All results from the screening will remain confidential in compliance with ADA guidelines.
  • Allow extra time for screening upon arrival at the hotel or convention center.


  • Directional signage to facilitate attendee traffic flow will be highly visible and placed throughout the hotel and expo center.
  • Additional signage will be posted to remind attendees about social distancing, wearing masks, handwashing, sanitization, etc.

Social Distancing

  • Increased spacing will be applied to all public spaces at the meeting including meeting rooms, plenary, lounges, the Science & Technology Hall and The Square.
  • Meeting rooms will include spaced seating and designated entrances and exits to assist with attendee one-way traffic flow.
  • The capacity of meetings rooms will be adjusted to accommodate for proper distancing measures based on CDC, state and local guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All attendees, exhibitors, vendors, and staff are required to wear masks within the Sands Expo and The Venetian Hotel.
  • Children under 2 are not required to wear face masks.
  • Face masks and gloves will be worn by all building staff members in adherence to state or local regulations.

Registration and The Square

  • Additional self-serve registration kiosks will be installed.
  • All support staff will be stationed to meet distance guidelines.

Venetian Hotel


  • Agents utilize every other workstation to ensure six feet of separation between Team Members whenever possible.
  • Transparent plastic barriers have been installed at the check-in counters.
  • Guest queuing areas are marked to indicate proper distancing.
  • Hotel Guest Elevators are limited to four guests per elevator.
  • Primary elevator lobbies are staffed during peak hours to provide assistance and additional sanitization, such as wiping of buttons and surfaces.

Guest Suites

  • Enhanced cleaning on high-touch items like TV remotes, door and furniture handles, and control panels.
  • Disinfectant sprayers and more are being added to the cleaning practices.
  • In every suite, guests receive a Venetian Clean "personal care" amenity kit. Each kit includes hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and two personal face masks. Masks are replenished daily.

For more detailed information and resources we encourage you to visit:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Venetian Clean Commitment
The Venetian Resort
Las Vegas COVID-19 Testing Locations