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Research Programs

Research Programs

The AUA will continue to hold its highly successful Urologic Oncology Research Symposium, Basic Sciences Symposium, and Challenges for Urologic Research Series events, all of which will be half-day symposia. This year's Urologic Oncology Research Symposium will focus on "Personalizing Cancer Detection: Are We Improving with Genomics." The Basic Sciences Symposium is titled "Microbes and Inflammation in Urology," and the Challenges for Urologic Research Series will focus on "Tracking Outcomes for Gender-Affirming Surgery in Transgender/Non-Binary Patients." The AUA will also hold its "Early-Career Investigators Showcase," the only event at Annual Meeting dedicated to the work of early-career physician-scientists and researchers.

NEW FOR 2021: The AUA will offer the "Early-Career Scientist Exchange: Paving Your Path to NIH Funding" as part of the Virtual May Kick-off Weekend. This event will provide early-career investigators with an opportunity to interact with Program Officers across NIH and to get a head start on how they can best prepare to successfully apply for research funding.

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